The lawyers of Muldoon & Shields, LLC, have achieved numerous successes on behalf of their clients throughout their years in practice. Some of these results include:

Personal Injury
- The collapse of a parking garage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City on October 30, 2003 injured over 30 construction workers and killed 4 men working on the project, resulting in a $101 million settlement.  John Shields and Tom Muldoon worked extensively on this matter as a part of a team of lawyers representing the injured workers.  The case involved complex issues of liability, insurance coverage and governmental immunity.  John's client achieved a settlement in the mid-seven figure range. 

- Tom Muldoon represented a client, who was a minor at the time, in a claim against SEPTA for severe injuries sustained in a bus accident. Immediately upon the conclusion of the deposition of the SEPTA driver, Tom secured a settlement on behalf of his client in excess of $100,000.00.

- John Shields represented a mentally disabled young woman who was sexually assaulted by another resident of a State-run group home in Cumberland County, NJ. The case settled for a mid-six figure sum after depositions revealed the group home’s staff failed to protect the client from the unwanted attentions of a fellow resident with a known history of inappropriate sexual behavior.

- Tom Muldoon's client, a security guard at a shipping container storage facility, sustained in an extensive crush injury of the foot and the traumatic amputation of the large toe when he was run over by a forklift.  In order to avoid liability, the yard owner alleged that the client was an employee and only entitled to workers  coverage.  Through extensive discovery, Tom was able to show that the client was an independent contractor and, therefore, entitled to be fully compensated for his injuries.  The case settled for a confidential sum.  

- John Shields secured a six figure policy limits settlement for a union ironworker who was injured when a Rutgers University employee ran a stop sign and pulled into our clients’ path. The claimant sustained multiple disc herniations. We were also able to secure permanent disability benefits for this client.

- Tom Muldoon represented a young woman whose physician failed to remove a surgical sponge prior to closing a surgical incision.  The women suffered a severe infection and required additional surgery, resulting in significant abdominal scarring.  A confidential settlement was reached with the surgeon prior to trial. 

- In 2001, John Shields represented the widow of a Union Pipefitter who was electrocuted on a jobsite at the Caesar's Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  After a four week trial, the jury found against the casino and awarded John's client $2.475 million

Employment Litigation

- Tom Muldoon received a jury verdict on behalf of a client being sued by former employees for breach of a written Employment Agreement.  The former employees were seeking $180,000.00 in commission payments allegedly not paid by the client, plus attorneys fees and costs.  After a 4 day trial in Camden, New Jersey, the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client and also an award against the former employees in excess of $7,500.00 for advances made to them by the client during the course of their employment.  No appeal was taken by the former employees.   

- Tom Muldoon successfully represented a bank employee who was terminated by her employer.  When the former employee applied for Unemployment Compensation, the bank alleged she was terminated for 'wilful misconduct' and not entitled to receive benefits. After Tom's cross-examination of the bank's Human Resources Director, the judge ruled in the client’s favor and awarded her benefits.

Professional Liability Defense

- John Shields successfully defended a home inspector accused of overlooking a major defect during a home inspection conducted in anticipation of a residential home sale. Through his investigation, John was able to determine that the seller deliberately concealed certain defects. The seller ultimately agreed to bear the cost of the needed repairs.

Shareholder Disputes

- John Shields successfully challenged an effort by two partners in a small chain of pharmacies to force out a founding partner of the business. After discovery revealed inappropriate expenditures of corporate funds, we were able to negotiate a very favorable dissolution of the partnership with our client retaining the most profitable store and receiving a significant cash payment from the other partners, as well as a hold-harmless and indemnity agreement.

Construction Contracts

- Obtaining a favorable verdict on behalf of a client, a general contractor, being sued by a subcontractor for payment under a written agreement.  At the conclusion of a 1 day non-jury trial, the Court entered a verdict in the client's favor and against the subcontractor after Tom Muldoon produced evidence that proved that the subcontractor failed to satisfactorily perform under the terms and conditions of the contract.

- Obtaining a settlement for our client, a subcontractor, from the owner of a construction project after the general contractor failed to make payment under the contract.  After placing the owner on notice of a potential Mechanic's Lien action by the subcontractor, Tom Muldoon secured payment in full on behalf of our client. 

- When the owners of a condominium unit were sued by a general contractor in a $116,000.00 breach of contract claim, they retained Tom Muldoon to represent their interests.  Before the case proceeded to trial, Tom was able to have all claims dismissed through summary judgment.  

Miscellaneous Litigation

- After Tom Muldoon was able to have the court enter judgment in his client's favor based upon the lawsuit being brought to do nothing more than harass his client, Tom initiated a lawsuit against the opposing party and his lawyer on the basis that the underlying action was frivolous and without legal basis.  At the close of the non-jury trial, the court agreed with Tom's position and entered a judgment against the opposing party for nearly $90,000.00 and against the attorney who represented him for $140,000.00, which included an award of punitive damages.  

After being divorced for 15 years, a woman's ex-husband began making demands for additional monies from her, claiming that she had fraudulently obtained the divorce.  He was demanding she pay him $350,000.00 for the value of her business that she built after the divorce because marital funds had been used by her to purchase the business building and equipment.  Tom Muldoon successfully moved for summary judgment and dismissal of the ex-husband's claims.  The ex-husband appealed to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, which upheld the trial court's dismissal of his claims.
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